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What do you do, when you feel triggered?

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I'm feeling totally triggered right now.

Something "significant but relatively small" has set me off.

And it *feels* major - it's making me anxious, panicky, distressed, obsessive, tense, freaked out.

On top of that, I'm berating myself and angry at myself that I can't stop over-reacting emotionally, because the trigger was "relatively small".

But that's how triggers work, right?

They're always "relatively small" and trigger the big, old, ugly, painful memories.

What do you guys do to un-trigger yourselves?

How do you ground yourself and get back into the here-and-now and out of the crappy/ yucky memories in your head?

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I listen to music...to escape the pain of reality.....if it's a nice day out I go sit outside or try to push myself to go to the river near my house and sit there or walk around.....or I cry...and sometimes I might eat junk food to feel better 🙂

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I agree I do some of the same things like listen to music, feed the fish in the pond or play with

the dogs or cats because animals always seem to love you regardless of what you feel like.

They just want to be your friend and lick on you and rub up against you.  If you don't have a dog, cat

or some kind of pet you might want to consider getting you one.  It really helps to calm your mind when

you just don't feel so good.  I'm sorry that you are not feeling so good, I hope and pray that your day get

much better.  I'm praying for you 

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I am currently being triggered into a mild manic state.(BIPOLAR ONE)

  In Alaska it is 24hrs of sunlight now. I am having trouble sleeping, staying up til 2am when natural time is 11:30pm.

This causes many people to be energized but for me it goes beyond. I start angry dreams invade my head. (PTSD.)

Some over spending on audio sound recording gear. I needed but I had the fever.

My fear is that it will explode into psychosis and grandiose thoughts, and babbling. These would make it hard to focus at my job. I have been fired before I crashed and burned. 🔥 

i am still on my meds: risperidal (psychosis) 2mg, lamotragine (depression) 400mg

my doctor is aware but says it is natural to have some episodes that are mild. Do what ever makes you sleep. I said I have wild shrub for this condition. She said see her next month or call if it continues  to be without sleep.(PTSD) this causes deep sleep without dreaming.

on the bright side I am incredibly creative right now, having written two new song lyrics and melody in last 5 days. 

so I hold my breath.



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This feels so intense.

I think this trigger has touched on some really old PTSD stuff.

It's like having gone from normal life today and then stepping into a PTSD nightmare.

It's like being trapped inside an old nightmare, while being wide awake.

If I can find some healing way of processing this, then I'll probably be healing that old PTSD stuff too.

I feel cold, shaky, nauseous, panicky, lost, drowning.

Totally over-reacting, and drowning in the flood of (old) emotions.

I know these emotions so well, I felt them all my childhood.

I've tried so hard to leave that stuff behind.

But it still seeps out sometimes, all that past, toxic PTSD stuff.

It feels like a tsunami, a tidal wave of old toxic PTSD stuff pouring out.

I can barely feel myself. All I can feel is the old, toxic PTSD stuff.

I'm adrift and this tsunami is just carrying me further out to sea, there's no land anywhere in sight.

I just want it to stop.

I just want to feel okay again.

I want to run away.

I just want to make it stop.

It feels like torture.

It feels like the tsunami is made of vomit.

It's merciless and harrowing.

A feverish nightmare.

These memories feel like a dose of poison.

Old pain that feels so new.


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So sorry that you are feeling triggered @Sophy It is not your fault. Triggers are usually really powerful and deep in nature 😞 Please try not to feel angry at yourself. You are not overreacting.

I either drown in my music, say my feelings out loud, eat a lot of junk food or breathe deeply. I also try to distract my mind by things I kind of enjoy, like reading or art. My triggers last for hours. Especially at night. Those things help to calm me down 🙂 

Hope you feel better soon 💜 

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I truly understand your pain because I go through similar experiences from my childhood

as well I really want those things to go away but they keep on coming back.  All I can say

is hang in there and try to find something to occupy your mind to get these thoughts away

from you.  Try anything that relaxes your mind as long as it is not toxic to you or someone else. 

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I think the worst of it may have passed now.

Now it's the aftermath.

All the strewn debris after a tsunami.


I feel like an emergency disaster relief worker, looking for myself in the rubble.

Calling out "Sophy? Sophy? Are you there?"

And "me" is buried under the rubble somewhere. Alive still, but dazed, numbed, confused, silent, paralysed, sore.

In an exhausted, indifferent trance.

Breathing, but not feeling like myself.

Just grateful that everything around me is silent.

Rubble everywhere, but at least the tsunami is over.

I can feel my arms and legs. I don't want to move them, but at least I can feel them.

Laying, half burried under the rubble, just staring up at the sky.

Wondering how I got here.

Grateful the flood of pain is gone.

Breathing. Just breathing.


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