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I've hit rock bottom (college student)...eviction

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I am a college student, I work so hard, every day I hit complete exhaustion. I come from a very low income background, I’ve had to fund my education on my own and it has been so hard. A lot of times I had to send money back home to help take care of my younger brother. I dont have a car, and its embarrassing to tell people Im parking outside at 22 years old. I always walk, I can barely even afford public transit sometimes it rains so hard, sometimes its so cold. I’ve went so many winters without a proper coat or ironing patches onto my clothes. I’ve been sick and unable to afford medicine and to see a doctor, but through it all I always smile at others.

 I’m a honors student, I’m involved in organizations and even the president of some organizations. I haven’t bought bras in so long, the wire is cutting my chest, my clothes are worn and frayed, and I don’t have dental or vision insurance. I’m stuck with aching teeth and a 3 year old eye prescription I can only have filled overseas because America stores will not fill it. Its embarrassing always going back to school without everything I need despite working so hard. My dream is to become a psychiatrist and mental health advocate. I want to work in underserved areas and help people find their happiness.

I don’t want to lose my shelter, and I feel just minutes away from an eviction notice. I have started a new job and will not get paid until July. If anyone can help me it would mean the world to me, if you leave your email in the note section I can PDF your donation being used towards my rent and a handwritten THANK YOU note…I am behind a total of $544.90. 

Donate here: https://www.paypal.me/brokecollegekid

I know a lot of people out here aren’t genuine, but I’m pleading and crying for help. 

Please don’t feel obligated if you feel like it would take too much from your family or kids. 

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