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how i got depression


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my depression came from nothing out of nowhere. it was summer time before my senior year of hs. i was on a bike ride on a trail listening to music without a worry in the world when POOF all of a sudden im depressed. i had no reason to feel bad and i wasnt thinking about anything. since then ive had it for 3 years and ive been unable to do anything except live in my parents basement and try to pass the time. ive tried a lot of different meds and therapy. currently im off them and doing electroconvulsive therapy. im wondering has anyone else had this happen to them? is there anything i should know if this is a certain type of depression?

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Hi pivel, welcome! I find that depression has no rhyme or reason to it. I find that we all have some unhealthy coping skills or issues that could build up over time and may be in our sub-conscience. EMDR therapy has helped me a lot and maybe it would you too. Glad you have joined us. Hang in there.

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Welcome to the Forum and hopefully you'll find something that will help

you as you learn how to cope with your depression.  I'm praying for you

that you might be able to get the help you need and that you might live

a long life of productivity.

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A belated welcome to our depression forum.

Every depression landscape is absolutely unique just like every other depression cave.

How and why we are depressed isn't as important as the strategy we employ to deal with it.

My approach is to metaphorically turn my back on the abyss.

It's always there but I refuse to let the deep, dark, dangerous depression/cave be in charge of my psyche.

Anyway keep posting and check out many other posts for support and insights.

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