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I dont know how to wait.


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     So basically I'm lonely as hell. I see all my friends being in relationships and having sex and being intimate with others and i just dont have that. I've come to a realization lately that i usually feel unwanted and unwelcome. I have no romantic instinct, so i dont think that trying to pursue a relationship would be healthy. Every other time i've tried it's blown up in my face and made me feel worse. I pretty much feel like the only thing i can do is wait patiently to find the right person. I just hate that i can't be like my peers. I'm that guy that everyone knows but nobody is attracted to. Some days i feel like an unattractive monster. I've been trying to get into fitness because i've heard of its benefits for depressed people and maybe i can get into shape to feel better about myself. But again, that's another thing i have to be patient for. Usually i'm a very patient person, not quick to anger but when i'm depressed it's really easy to agitate me. So yeah, this is pretty much just me looking for kind words in the replies because those usually make me feel better. Thanks in advance.

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Hello Cent,

Sorry you are feeling so lonely. I understand the frustration about not having what others have. The thing is, we never really know what others do have. Sometimes appearances are misleading. Someone can appear to have it all but is miserable inside. A relationship can seem perfect, but behind closed doors is actually full of conflict and stress.

Instead of focusing on what I don't have, I try to go towards things that I can reach easily and that bring me happiness and well being. Exercise is one example. It releases tons of hormones that make you feel better, without mentionning all the other health benefits.

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Hey.  It's so easy to compare ourselves to others.  There is nothing wrong with waiting until you find the right woman.

I don't know if this will help, but when I was in my teens, I was always the odd man out. Most my friends had girlfriends and I would tag along and felt lonely at the same time.  I made it a point to do things that were enjoyable; played baseball, went to church, worked, went to sporting events, and fished. When I turned 21, out of nowhere, I met a great woman who is now my wife.  24 hours before we met, I was feeling the same thing you are now.  Great things can happen to you in an instant!

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