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Chat is deserted - can something be done?


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The chat room here has never been particularly busy, but lately it has been just plain dead.

I believe this is partly a technical issue and partly a scheduling one.

if people can't log on, the room is empty. If the room is empty, people don't bother to log on. 

Plus I expect there are people who are not even aware that the chat room exists, as it is not very prominent in site navigation.

In an effort to drum up some activity in the chat room, I've listed some questions here to help get a conversation started:

* Are you aware that DF has a chat room?

* Have you had any difficulty accessing the chat room?

* Would you be more likely to visit the chat room if there was more activity there?

* Would you be more likely to visit if there were scheduled times for people to gather?

Any other suggestions for making DF chat more active are certainly welcome.

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I have personally utilized the chat room two times and found a friendly and welcoming moderator. 


I cannot remember how I accessed it nor the ease of the access.


I do know I would definitely be more inclined to use it had it been more active.


If the designated time for group gatherings happened during a time I was available I would likely utilize the chat room.


I don’t know how many moderators you have available through this website or their availability, but if anyone has the time and dedication maybe switching off with each other to sit in the chat rooms otherwise. Or if there is a way for someone not on the website to be alerted to when someone does sign into the chat room. These are probably not probable ideas, but just some I had to make the chat room more accessible by all.


thanks for posting this! 

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