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How do I stop talking to my crush in my mind?

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I had a crush towards the end of my time at university. I never asked her out, but she knows I liked her. She likes me but not the same way I do. She's so nice to me, chats with me, looks out for me and is very supportive of me. We haven't interacted for 6 months cause I finished uni but I always imagine what she'd say if she was next to me and reply in my mind.

Here's an example. I watch an excessive amount of sport which affects my social life a bit. She's told me that a few times before. The other day when I was watching football, I imagined her saying "What have we talked about?". I then reply to her in my mind, "I know, but I'm sad and it's easy to do." Stuff like that. Silly I know.

How do I make it stop?

PS. I'm also angry and snap a lot now for some reason.

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Hi and welcome to the Forums, Hopelessnick!

   I hope you will receive a lot of responses to your post.

   When I was in a situation similar to yours, a therapist recommended that whenever I wanted to talk to my crush in my mind that I send my crush mental "well wishes."  I think the idea was to wish the person well mentally.  Since I am a religious person, I also prayed for my crush. I guess the idea was to turn my thoughts into something positive and productive.  I don't know if that would help you or others. Sadly, I can only share what helped me. 

    Consulting a licensed therapist might help with finding out how to stop talking to one's crush in one's mind.

     I wish I had something better to offer you.   Hopefully others here will make up for the poverty of my ideas and words.  You certainly deserve a life where you can experience peace of mind and the joy of living!   - epictetus



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I thought I was the only one to do this.. I used to love someone who didnt love me back and they just disappeared and fell in love with someone else. For monthssss I would have pretend conversations with them. You miss your crush is all. And you wish you got to fulfill your desires with them. You wish they were still there with you. I dont want to come off harsh, but now that I’m in a different place than from before, I can tell you its a delusion that you shouldnt indulge in too much. I mean there isnt much control you can have over it tbh. You’ll stop doing it later on..it takes a lot of time. Well for me it did. I wish you the best

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