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Paxil anyone? It works for me but the side-effects are miserable

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I've been on Paxil (Paroxetine) for I think about 5 years now.

It does work for me, but the side-effects are miserable.

My main problem is this: Due to depression, I am always forgetful and often over-whelmed.

So I regularly forget to take my Paxil dose (on time).

This med is suuuuuuuuuuuper unforgiving about this.

I get massive withdrawal symptoms when I don't take the med on time and as soon as I've taken it (when I realise I forgot) I get massive symptoms/ side-effects that are the same as when starting the med/ when increasing the dosage.

Both the withdrawal and taking the med (late) symptoms are hideous. Massive nausea, migraine, anxiety, shakiness, fatigue, even suicidalness.

I'm thinking of halving my dose and taking one half in the mornings and the other half at night, to spread the dose out or trying to get my doctor to prescribe Paxil CR which is the extended-release version.

I don't see my treating doctor for another 6 weeks tho.

I know the OBVIOUS answer is to NEVER EVER EVER EVER forget to take these tablets.

But I have been trying this for years and my depression makes me too f********ing dumb to get this right EVERY DAY.

Some days, when depression is bad, I'm glad if I just make it through the day, let alone remember my meds.

Maybe I just have to find a way of making it a massive priority.

Maybe I need to post reminders to myself all over the place - bathroom, car, purse, email reminder, etc etc

I'm terrible at stuff like this (remembering things, routines) but Paxil is such a b!tch of a med, that it is ruthlessly unforgiving re missing a dose / withdrawal.

It is famous/ notorious for this.

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