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someone please give me a reason to keep going


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can someone please give me a reason not to end my life? a real reason, not the typical "you're loved, it will get better, you would hurt your loved ones" crap. were you ever this low? how did you pull yourself out? im hurting so much and im done with this life. please help me.

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I was super low. Ive always had depression but it was just kind of like a cloud looming over me that hadn't yet started its storm. But then it finally did. It was the most horrible experience of my life to be so low that some of my sense just shut down and I got severe    derealization and depersonalization. It was the worst. Not only was I so depressed but I couldnt even feel like I was present I was just completely out of it. Somehow I managed to hold on though. Because like you something in me was searching for something to hold on to. I dont think you want to die or else you wouldn't be asking for a reason to continue. I think you should hold onto the feeling that still wants life and roll with it. Life is so damn unfair. But its worth noted that no one is its personal target like our depression makes us believe sometimes. 

Honestly theres no golden answer to your question except I think Life is worth sticking around for. Why not stay a bit longer and see how things pan out. This pain can make you stronger and more immune to future struggles. While others whiter at the sight of the slightest discomfort you'll be able to dust it off! were all going to die eventually dont rush the end game! 


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