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What 1 question do you always ask yourself, and whats the answer


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That’s a good one. To kind of piggy back off of your question and answer, I know someone that portrays themselves and their life with their family absolutely amazing and effortless on social media. Anyone that doesn’t actually know them would assume they’re just born privilege and amazing. I’ve come to find out that there is infidelity, substance abuse, emotional abuse, and severe depression riddled throughout their household. I think most people put on an amazing facade. I don’t think anyone truly has their together.


My question to myself daily: why can’t I control my emotions better?

Answer: It took years to learn those emotions and will take years to unlearn them. 


Thanks for the fun mental exercise.

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Question: What is wrong with me?


Answer: I’m way to angry when I speak to people because of how I talk and the things that I say. This then makes people who already dont like me in their head now finally admit that they dont like me because of what i said to them. 

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Q: What's the point of life? 

A: There's no point. I'm just breathing and living the motions everyday. Cos I'm too cowardly to do it anyway. I'm never meant to be happy. Life is full of struggles. To make me stronger. See the opportunity in every problem, difficulty and struggle. See it as an obstacle. An obstacle in the way that I can conquer to make me stronger. 

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