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Short poem on depression (The Mask) hope u enjoy

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image.thumb.png.75329d35e78f6049cc9228c3fb577ff5.pngThe Mask


So softy sealed her lips keep all,

The hurt and pain only she recalls

From dimming the light of someone’s day,

Just to hear the words ‘are you OK?'


A disguise so real, no one would know

The day to day struggle I long to show,

Through the beauty and laughter of a delusory mask

It’s no wonder they don’t even stop to ask

If my life is still perfect as soon as night falls,

When it’s just me, my head and all these four walls


But when it’s too much to bare my friend,

it’s come to the point you can no longer pretend

That even your smile is too heavy to hold,

The cheerful little girl you’ve always sold


Still too lost to find the words to say,

A notepad and pen show me the way

To free me from the bars of this cage,

And let my heart bleed all over the page


A clear mind and a story to tell,

About a time in life I did nothing but dwell.

Out from the darkness and into the light,

Bared faced and raw with no mask in sight.


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It's crazy how hard this hit me, I literally cried a bit from reading this. It really is a bittersweet feeling knowing im not alone with these thoughts. Well I just wanted to let you know i appreciate you, and I'm here if you need to talk.

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