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Is it possible?

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Hi Quietplace27 and welcome to the Forums.

Its nice to meet you.

Depression can be brutal and I am so very sorry that you have been stricken with this illness.

I have suffered from bouts of depression for almost my entire life [63 years].  During that time I have had many wonderful and serious relationships with people although I was probably lucky in this respect; lucky in finding people who were understanding and compassionate.  

You deserve a good and happy life and I hope you find people who truly value you as the unique human person you are.  Hopefully these Forums will be of some use to you in your struggles against depression.  I look forward to reading any future writings you post here.

All good things to you!  - epictetus

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Ive been in a relationship for about 25 years roughly. Its been a tough go but i think we are working through things. Its very possible but i will never promise that it is easy. 

Hope you can have hope and ill see you around! 

:flowers: Natasha

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Yes! It is very possible to have a serious relationship, yes-even marriage. IF you enter into a relationship with the right type of person! If the person is non-judgmental and loves unconditionally, there will be no issue! S/he will know that these things are not your fault and are an illness. Are you in treatment? I sure hope so! There'd be opportunity for the 'someone' to go to counseling with you to talk through some of the rough spots you may find yourself in. There are plenty of support groups for an affected souse that teach coping strategies from their perspective. It is key that you both grow individually and well as together and that you are honest and loving with each other. Yes, it's hard work, but if you have chosen someone who is pure and kind and loving and doesn't run when you tactfully disclose your realities-you will be find. BTW-everyone has something. No doubt, there''ll be things you'll discover about your partner that will require you adapting and adjusting too! 

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