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Disclaimer and Intro:

Soon, over time, there will be new threads about DBT posted here in One Step At A Time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not a qualified DBT professional. I am only sharing partial information that I have learned based on a 9-month course that I took, the materials I was given (based on the manuals written by Marsha Linehan), my notes from the course and a book entitled The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook: Practical DBT Exercises for Learning Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation & Distress Tolerance by Matthew McKay, PH.D., Jeffrey C. Wood, PSY.D. & Jeffrey Brantley, MD.

I will reference items as follows:

Manuals: Man

Notes: Nat

The book: DBTSW


Please note that Depression Forums (www.depressionforums.org) is also not a licensed DBT site. These threads are being created in order to share information, open discussions, questions, possibly help others and open doors to working through some things we need to address. Maybe there will be an exercise or two for us to share as well.


DBT was originally developed by Marsha Linehan, a psychologist who suffered from  BPD, for BPD patients. DBT can help EVERYONE though, even those who do not have mental health issues. The skills are helpful and useful for everybody.


All of information posted in these threads will follow the format of the Skills Diary Card that was used in my course, which may or may not be the same as the one created by Marsha Linehan. I know that my course was based on her manuals, but it was also adapted to fit the needs of our local health authorities.


These posts will probably be very long, as there is a ton of information to share. Please note that not all of the information will be shared because of this, and really, the detailed information should be saved for courses, and proper research.


Links between this thread and the individual threads themselves will be listed for easy locating. Please check here periodically for changes, such as new links, as the threads will be created over time. One way to know that changes have been made, is to follow the thread (click follow at the bottom of this post) and you should receive notifications when changes and additions are made.


PLEASE! If there is any information that is incorrect, let me know *by PM* and I will research it and make the appropriate edits. The information I am sharing in this post and the related threads is how I understand it and experienced it.


Thank you,


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