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Did You Accomplish Anything Today? Anything At All? If So, Post Here! #2


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tracyistrying     112

Posted Thursday at 08:50 PM · 

I went to the vet and picked up cat food.

Called to set up an appointment at a counseling center - anxiety mostly, depression maybe just a little, and mental health in general.  It was sunny here for the first time in months so I opened up the sun roof while driving around.  Opened the screen on my sliding glass door to get some fresh air.  It's been dreary and cold for a long time.  Kinda nice to have a warm, windy, somewhat sunny, spring day!

duck     7,839

Posted Friday at 01:22 AM (edited) · 

Drove north across town to Alberta Hospital and played with a dog named Duke...........Animal Therapy

Drove all the way west to the Microsoft store and took my laptop in....wifi disconnecting.

Drove east to Norwood  Centre for Mediation through Movement.

Drove west again for a hair cut and shave..........pick up my sister and drove home.


Men's Group


Block 1912 Cafe

Started my income tax

Watching F1 practice in China live

Watching Motorweek


I started growing my beard a few weeks ago.  First time.

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MarkintheDark     628

Posted Sunday at 03:15 PM (edited) · 

May sound ridiculous to some, but finally added Lyft to my phone.  Haven't needed it, but with my car on its last legs and uncertainty over whether my new purchase will work out this week - pending mechanical inspection - decided it might be a good idea.  Doh!

Otherwise a day of recuperation after a physically challenging day yesterday.  One day I didn't feel badly about doing nothing.

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Today was my monthly medical treatment I've been on for a couple years.  A couple shots, one of which is usually painful.  Easier than daily pills, but it also means a blood draw, too, and I'm becoming more sensitive to the sticks.  You'd think after 25 years of needles I'd be acclimated. 😰

Dealing with the side effects, pain and fatigue, usually puts me down for 24-48 hours.  At least it gives me an excuse to stay in bed.

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I mowed my yard too.  I broke the second mower blade already and it's only May.🙄I'm getting better though I just calmly went and got a new blade.  The old me probably would have thrown the mower in the woods or set it on fire.

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addiction group, art therapy, coffee shop with friends, wrote some notes for my therapist, faxed letter to my pdoc but it is not going through, watching cricket.

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