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Argued w/my partner over the DUMBEST thing..


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Yesterday was pretty good for my boyfriend and I. 


We were burning some branches we took down and I was trying to tell him something funny, it was just a funny rhyme between characters from a movie. He interrupted me and then I said "Wait let me finish my rhyme it's funny" and he said "I get the jest of it. It's sorta funny I guess! I don't need to hear the rest of it." So I just was like okayyyy and began doing my own thing.


Then later that night (last night) I was trying to show him a video of this cat I want, it was an informational video and I thought it was cute too, obviously. Like 2 minutes into the video he began talking and he WOULD not stop. He talks a lot most of the time. I was like "Babe! I'm trying to hear this!" And he kept talking over me and getting louder. Yes we were drinking, but I usually don't have to yell at him like I did last night. I eventually got really upset and he started saying "OH really? You're mad over a cat video?" And I said "NO! I'm mad because you keep interrupting me and not listening to me!" 


Long story short, I decided to sleep on the couch last night. 

It's SO stupid, but I just get ****ing p***** when he acts like that. It's like he doesn't want to hear or care about what I think or say sometimes. I have literally listened to him talk without taking a pause for 3 HOURS STRAIGHT. I'm not exaggerating.. 


I don't have anyone to talk to. I can't even drive anywhere if I wanted to, just to get away. I don't have my phone turned on because I can't afford it, so I can't even call my mom, and my so called best friend and I aren't really best friends. I mean, you got to actually talk to people to consider yourselves "friends". 



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It doesn't sound so dumb, sabiflitch.  :console:  It sounds like he's used to you listening to him, and that he thinks of that as a conversation.  It's not so dumb to be frustrated with the fact that someone you love seems to have a hard time listening to you. 
Have you thought about a variation of this:  set a timer, and the ground rule is that for that set period of time, one of you talks without interruption or question from the other person.  You each take a turn doing this; maybe start off with short time periods so he can get used to the idea of listening to someone? 

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