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Watching My Mouth/Having a Filter


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Hi guys,

I was at work (am able to teach classes supppeerrr part time)- and I made a silly joke to my students.   I meant it in a good natured, tongue in cheek kind of way....   

I basically got wrapped up in the moment and made a quick joke about how many teenage girls can be quite moody.   I instantly tried retracting my statement and said it was a bad joke, realizing the stupidity that came out of my mouth, not wanting to be misinterpreted as sexist.

I just want to be more careful with my words.    I'm sure I'll get away with that slip, and I don't think anyone in the class took it 'too' personally, but I really want to be more careful what I say, especially around kids...

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That's a tough one, because jokes are so "in the moment". My only advice would be, when you are thinking of saying something that you think is clever, funny, edgy, political, etc. - take a split second (at least) to think about your audience and whether or not what you are going to say is advisable. I guess the old adage "think before you speak" applies here, no matter how trite it sounds. It's hard to train yourself to do this, because those comments tend to just roll off the tongue before you have a chance to stop yourself. I guess you need to remember to be more deliberate with your words, particularly in the classroom in front of younger people. You don't want to lose your livelihood due to an offhand comment. 

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Twitchy is quite right. Just remind yourself to be mindful. Don’t expect it to happen overnight either. It is something you may have to build on to become a habit of self check.

Maybe you can put yourself in controlled situations in order to practice this. Whether it’s amongst your family, friends or colleagues. Whether you know the intended audience before you speak still try and be mindful and check yourself. As the saying goes, “train like you fight”, because it creates that habit and knee jerk reaction before you speak.


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