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Ok so I'm new to this. 

So, is it possible to get past depression and anxiety?! This is a question I have asked myself for many years. So far the answer would seem to be no!. 


After many years of struggling i have now had to accept that this is life... medication and upset for seemingly No reason. 


I cant pin point my pain, days just hurt! Alone even though there are people around. No escape from this hell provided by my mind. 


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Welcome to our forum family.

No doubt depression can be a hellish prison.

Maybe it's time to realize you served out your sentence.

There is always a way out of the metaphorical depression cave.

My approach is to metaphorically turn my back on the deep, dark abyss.

It is always there but I need not dwell too long in my depression cave.

Please make yourself at home on this awesome forum.

We give support and share insights as best we can.

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Hi Guesswho52 and welcome to the Forums,

     It is nice to meet you.  

     Hopefully you will find these Forums to be helpful to you.  They have helped me a lot.  These Forums did not exist when I suffered my worst depression; the one that landed me in a psychiatric hospital.  I think I could have avoided hospitalization if I could have communicated with others who suffered depression.  

     Please let me tell you how terribly  sorry I am that you are suffering and have been suffering.  Depression is a really brutal illness.   It is a heartbreaking illness.

     At age 63, I have suffered depression for most of my life but thank goodness have been free of it now for over 20 years.  Perhaps I am misguided, but I tend to think there is always hope.

     I want to thank you for posting what you did.  It is great help to so many people who are all alone with their personal anguish and pain.  It is really a life giving gift.  I am looking forward to reading your future posts here.  To survive depression requires so much heroism and I can only look up to you in respect and admiration.  

      I hope you will find relief from your depression so you can experience some peace of mind and joy of living.  You deserve a good life!!  - epictetus 


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Hello @Guesswho52 welcome to DF!

I'm sorry to hear that you've been struggling for many years.

I have found that depression should be treated on a case by case basis.

Me? I will probably battle it my whole life, although I do have friends and acquaintances that their depression was situational and once they worked through their situation it never showed it's ugly face again.

I know from experience I can manage my depression very well without any medication and minimal, manageable flares with a clean diet and the appropriate exercise regimen.

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It's nice to know I'm not alone, this is something I already know, yet the busiest of places can still make you feel like theres no one around. 


The mind is a crazy device. 

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A very warm welcome to the forum, 

Being in the midst of depression can feel like there’s no way out, I remember those days of being in a crowded room and feeling so lonely. I feel for you that you are going through this right now, please know that you can come out the other side of this.. all the stronger! 

Everyone is different and manages their depression in different ways, I became free from depression when I gave up my need for control, allowed myself to be vulnerable and face the unknown of what might happen tomorrow, day by day (with the help of my therapist and medication at the time) 

Have you had help besides the medication with your depression? How might getting support from a professional feel? 

Warm wishes


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