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How do you cope with being alone?


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     I just had a huge crying session after a whole day of feeling like crap. I’m so lonely. I’m surrounded by friends, people I love and care for and that love and care for me. But I’m so lonely. I barely understand what I’m feeling. Im so sick and tired of having nobody to hold close to me to love and care for. I just don’t even know what to do anymore. I feel like the world is trying to give me so many hints that it doesn’t want me dating anyone. I learned to accept that for a while but lately the feeling of loneliness has become unbearable. I need your help.


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I definitely understand what you're feeling. I don't really have many people in my life, but I tend to think that the ones I have really hate me, so I pull away to prevent my pain and their annoyance. I'm terribly lonely.

I'm pretty sure it's the depression speaking, but it hard to tell fact from fiction when you're depressed. I truly feel for you; the feelings of loneliness can certainly be unbearable. Try to take it one day at a time, one hour or minute at a time if you have to. 

I cope by feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in despair. That's obviously not healthy...I do not advise that.

But you have people that care about you. Reach out to the people in your life. Reach out to the people here. Hopefully the loneliness will start to wash away for you. Just focus on one day at a time.

Best wishes to you.

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Yea loneliness is such bad feeling. It just amplifies the depression even more. I deal with loneliness too. My phone barely even goes off everyday unless it's my family.

but it's also that deep emotional loneliness where even if your around friends and family it's still there. 

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