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     I have been friends with this girl for a while now and we’ve been very close. She has a boyfriend at the moment but sometimes it seems like we’re closer than she is with her boyfriend. She has a lot of anxiety problems and she has gone through several boyfriends, one of which took advantage of her while she was high on illegal drug. Something about making romantic advances towards her makes me uncomfortable because I feel like I’m taking advantage of this young girl who is heavily impacted by her anxiety. I’ve been stressing about it al night so I pretty much just needed a place to write this down. 

     Also I have tried numerous times to make romantic advances towards other girls with no success. Sometimes I doubt my ability to even be in a relationship. I don’t want to mess things up with this girl, I just genuinely enjoy being around her. Whenever I think about her ex boyfriend taking advantage of her it turns my stomach, puts me in a bad mood. I don’t really know how to rationalize what I’m feeling. My thoughts have been all over the place for the past week or so, so now I’m putting them here. Thanks for reading these 2 messes of paragraphs,


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Hi Kyle,

     I can feel for what you are going through.  Wish I had something helpful to offer you in the way of advice.  Do you think this girl has romantic feelings for you?  Has she given you any kind of signals that she is interested in more than a friendship?   - epictetus



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That's a tough one. Her anxiety could very well be a reason she is staying in her current relationship. I mean she could very well be happy with him, but you did say you felt like you two were closer than she is with he current boyfriend. I am asking the same thing as @Epictetus , do you think she has any feelings for you? 


Sometimes if a woman has a bad or violent past of relationships, and especially with anxiety and drug use, it's a possibility she is afraid to leave relationships even if they've never laid a hand on them or called them a horrible name. I think the key now is for her to open her mind and to de-stress as much as possible so she can truly evaluate her situation. 


Do not take my words as a suggestion or direction. Just my humble opinions here..

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