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Am I Using My Time Well?


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I always wonder about the value of my time utilization.   I've spent so much time questioning....cycling through my life options...

Because the truth is, I've wanted to maximize my life options- maximize my best self.   Create the best life I possibly can for myself, so I can have a good life- the way I want it to be.   And help other people too, so the world can be a happy place.

And yet, I've got no crystal ball.   So I can only make educated guesses.   Assumptions.

I've spent much time pursuing my art....pursuing my craft.   Was that the best possible use of my time?   Impossible to say.   Could I have written the next great American novel in the time I've opted for art instead?   Impossible to say....  I feel like I have so many gifts- so much potential, that when I've failed to reach it.... I have felt immense torment as a result..   And I've felt hypercritical of myself.

The time will hopefully come soon where I begin to profit a lot more off my work and this'll all feel worthwhile.   And maybe then, the time I've spent won't feel like a waste.

I can't get the past time back.   What's done is done.   I guess the biggest question I consistently ask:   Am I using my time well NOW?   How can I know that??   


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