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What is your "idea" of a good friend? What is acceptable/what isn't?


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Hi everyone, so I just wanted to make this short (I usually talk a lot when I post, so I'm hushing up!) What do you expect from a good friend? When do you sit and ponder if you or they are in the right, or have been treating you well? I am lost these days with my emotions toward my 2 best friends and my boyfriend so I just wanted some personal opinions on what you would expect from a good/best friend, what you would do for them, and what communication strategies you use to get through to some hard headed friends?


BY THE WAY, GOOD JOB, YOU GOT OUT OF BED TODAY. Cyber hugs for all of ya. (Honestly I'm still in bed but AT LEAST IM UP) 

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In terms of good friends, they have to be loyal and correct you when you have done wrong. Someone who will stick with you and have your back and someone who can tell you things that you may not be comfortable with but you still love and support them as a friend. Plus a friend has to be there for people every now and then. I've been through phases where I thought certain people were my friends during middle school and high school and whatnot but they were shady and would never defend me when I need it. 

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