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I hate my life


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I don't know why I even bother.  Hardly anyone, if anyone, even likes me.  I have made online friends, and then they disappear and I have no idea why.  There must be something wrong with me as a person, but I don't know what.

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Hi, dude333.

I'm really sorry that people have treated you like that. I know what it feels like when people claim to care about you only to leave you high and dry. I've always tried my hardest to be there for my online friends and listened to them when they're unhappy. I've been told that it's appreciated. However, when I was falling apart and calling out for help, they were nowhere to be found. They only spoke to me when my world was free of dark clouds and the sun was shining. "Fair-weather friends", I think that's what the phenomenon is called. 

Such friends can leave you feeling as if you have to hide in isolation for the rest of your life so that your heart won't have to risk being broken again. Unfortunately, attempting to live life in solitude doesn't come risk-free either. One major risk that increases when leaving socialization behind is the development or worsening of mental health issues. While it's not impossible to live happily on your own (see: solitary Buddhist monks), I want to let you know that there's always an option to press "Retry".

There are decent friends in the world who will stand by your side, no matter what. Are they nearly impossible to acquire? Yes, but not entirely impossible. Just look in the mirror. I'm sure that if you found someone who made you care about them, you would be reliable and loyal towards them. Maybe searching for these people seems like more trouble than what it's worth, but, once a friend like that is found, you're highly unlikely to regret the weeks, months or even years you spent fighting for them. Supposed friends can make you hate life and actual friends can make you love life. Don't allow anyone to keep you in the dark about the better parts of life.

Take care. :icon12:



If it wasn't clear in the above text: I don't think that you're to blame for their abandonment. If you disagree and you're actually able to point out a fault with yourself that you believe to have been responsible for the end of these friendships, then I would like to advise you to try your very best to think about how you might go about ridding yourself of that flaw. If you want to, you can meet with a therapist who can help you in figuring it out.

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