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I'm just curious if anyone's had any anxiety relief from hydroxyzine? 

I've searched and seen other topics about it but nothing recent, I don't think. My doctor just prescribed 25mg (or up to 50mg) as needed to hopefully ease my anxiety. 

I found some  pretty mixed reviews online with regards to treating anxiety. I guess I'm just looking for what others have experienced with it and maybe find a little hope.


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My psychiatrist spoke highly of it, it's not as strong as benzos but it can take the edge off and make anxiety manageable if it hasn't progressed too much. Unlike benzos it's not habit forming so it'll be a lot easier to come off it once you learn how to manage your anxiety without meds. I'd highly recommend getting some therapy if you're not seeing a psychologist already, there are many techniques you can learn to better handle anxiety. 

At first it may make you a little bit sleepy since it's an antihistamine, kinda like taking Benadryl. 

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Thanks @lonelyforeigner!

I'm going to give it a try for a while and see how it goes. I've taken it twice now but haven't really noticed much difference, but I have no idea - I'm in a bad place right now, so I could just be really negative about the whole thing. My psychiatrist recommended it instead of benzos because it's not habit forming, which I appreciate. I just hope it helps.

Anyway, appreciate your insights!

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