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Feel like death


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     Ive been taking my meds pretty infrequently for the last week because i took a trip to NH and i completely forgot. Ive been feeling like absolute death lately. My family went out the yesterday for my sister's birthday with her boyfriend. I had a really long stretch where everything was working out fine, so that's good. Its just ever since i skipped out on my meds a few days everything has flooded back into my mind. I hope things get better tomorrow, i have school and seeing my friends again will probably cheer me up. I hope so.



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Hi Kyle,

    So sorry for what happened to you.  I have had a similar experience to yours, where I forgot to take my meds and ended up feeling horrible.  I hope you will have the same experience as I have, namely, that once starting to take the meds regularly again I feel good again. Please consider seeing your physician if you are not feeling better soon.  I would hate to see you suffer needlessly.  

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