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I'm trying to decide which kind of psychological/talking therapy i need. I have to go privately so i'll be paying for treatment myself. I am going to see my Dr to ask for their opinion tomorrow but i also wanted to get opinions from here also. Can anyone explain the benefits of a CBT therapist or psychologist or Inpatient treatment in a private hospital/clinic?

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I think that all forms can be beneficial but it really depends on where you are in your battle of depression.


I have had experience with CBT therapy with no positive outcome, due to the fact I had no cognitive understanding of the underlying depression that you get from traditional psychologist.


I’ve personally never been through inpatient but my husband had and he said most places drugged him and never armed him with the proper psychological care needed to overcome his problems. But I feel like medication is necessary for some people before any other resources can be considered.


if you have an understanding and think you are capable of managing yourself and ready to move onto a remedy perhaps CBT could work for you. If any of those things are lacking or even motivation, maybe you should start elsewhere. Just my unprofessional opinion.

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I've never personally done CBT therapy but it's my understanding that it's more based in the here and now. Goal setting. Recognizing triggers and problems and finding better solutions to cope. It's not talking about your childhood, how your mother was and "how do you feel about that? "

In patient I would NOT recommend unless you're planning a long stay in a good private hospital. Everywhere else is literally just a "medicate and monitor" facility. 

I am personally terrified of traditional talk therapy for a whole host of reasons but if I were brave enough I believe it would probably do me the most good. 


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