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Tired Body after crying


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Hi, yes when I am really depressed and all cry out I feel mentally depleted and with urges of taking a nap, also my eyes are really sore and I just want to close them. When I am anxious, on the other hand I am restless, can't sleep can't think straight.

Hope my words can help in some way and thanks for the post it really helps me share, I really needed to.

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Absolutely! It just happened to me this afternoon. I had a bit of an anxiety attack and then a little later, a brief emotional conversation. I ended up crying for a while and was so wiped by the events that I laid in bed for about 3 hours to rest. Didn't end up sleeping from what I'm assuming was bad heartburn. I think stress, anxiety, and crying are just so physically taxing in the body - like running a marathon or something.

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