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Restarting Paxil after trying many other things

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I was on Paxil for about 13 years after it finally became ineffective. For the next three years I have tried other meds, but none were as successful as Paxil. My psychiatrist said that for some people who went  back to Paxil they found it was effective again. So I am trying it, but after about two weeks I feel like it is doing nothing. I am not sure how long i can keep with it, as my depression and anxiety are pretty high. Just wanted to see if others had ever tried going back on it after a break.... thanks all. 

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How are you doing? I would ask my doctor for pharmacogenetic analysis first. It determines how effective the medicine is for you and all possible side effects. The doctor may use this information to adjust the medication dose or sometimes to choose a different drug. There's no point in experimenting with your body. Take care

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