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How i have been feeling.


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I  keep feeling depressed and anxious. I feel like nothing will change...  i am not happy. I don't want to be on medication. I don't think or feel attractive. I want to be  and feel happy and attractive. I want women to think I'm attractive. I want multiple women in my life.  I feel i am just wasting time. I want to meet attractive women. I am sick of living with my dad and seeing him drink everyday. I am sick of hearing the can or bottle of alcohol open! I get so jealous of other guys, sad and depressed. I am sick of working at my job! I feel stuck, i feel worthless, i feel lost. I am crying while writing this and i an guessing is because i an not happy with my life, myself, my looks, and my appearance.  I am finally able to cry, i wasn't able to when on antidepressants although the meds gave me confidence when i was younger. Sometimes i just want to give up, because i don't feel any change i just feel i am getting older, i lost time and i feel lost. No i don't want to die, I'm scared to die because i feel i will still be missing out on something if i died. I always keep going and trying but i still end up with the same results it brings me down so hard to my core. I am going to Miami in a few months and i feel i wont have fun or enjoy myself. That also depresses me! I am not looking for sympathy i am just expressing how i feel.



Thanks for listening.

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Believe it or not, I pretty much feel the same way.  My antidepressants were causing personality changes for me, and no matter how many times I told my parents, they never understood.  I stopped taking them, and then they just said that if your don't take the medicine your doctor perscribed, they won't pay for my appointments.  (It sounds like they need an appointment with the small claims court).  So I can definitely relate.

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