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What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

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9 hours ago, hocico said:

Aw lol how cute but messy at the same time 😀  mine used to be good about going in her

box but then she got old and wonky and kept going whoopsie in the corner instead of the box.   

I would agree but newspaper proves useful for wrapping those dodgy Leonardo "limited edition of 500000 copies" china dog ornaments that could have been yours for the low introductory price of £125669 that people seem to love to buy.. 

I take it that working under them was not a pleasant experience.. aw I am sorry I gave you the heeble jeebles ☺️ I am currently in the UK same as you 🙂 although I have lived in four countries so far in my life. Unless you work in retail then I am probably not him or her 😉

Ah, I don't think it was you then, I don't think he lived in another country and we were in retail, but not clothing!

My furbaby has always been a bit wonky, she has a wee in the bin sometimes! 😸



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