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Paxil withdrawl

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Hey guys.

I was put on Paxil about 4 yrs ago. I had had a stroke (at 28 yrs old) and my long time boyfriend dumped me shortly after. I was in a really dark place & had severe anxiety. Paxil really helped me. 

Fast forward 4 yrs. I'm engaged to a wonderful guy, we moved states and are planning on a baby in the near future. My doc told me that Paxil can cause severe birth defects, so I went off it. I had tried twice before, once tapering off so slowly it took me a month to get down 25%. I gave up because the withdrawl was too bad.

Ive been off my pills for about a month & the symptoms won't go away. Brain buzzes (which have gone down a tad), anger & suicidal thoughts (which I never had previously). I have an appointment with a psychiatrist is a couple days, but I'm not sure getting back on meds is what I want to do. Especially if there's a baby in my future. I yell at my fiancée constantly, he is a rock for standing me this long. Do you guys have any advice you can share?


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Hi when I have tried in the past to withdraw from this I had real difficulties.  9 years ago before I was pregnant my dr changed me to fluoxetine for pregnancy and then later back to Paxil, second pregnancy 6 years ago I was kept on Paxil (20 mg) and my baby was fine with no issues.  I’m in NZ and was told that research had shown it was better to have a well mother and stay on meds if required rather than be taken off them.  Hope you get the help required so you can make an informed decision for yourself.  Withdrawal is awful, mix that with hormones from pregnancy and it’s not much fun! 

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I came off Paxil after 9 months on it and it took weeks-months for the side effects to go away.

I would talk to your doc about switching to another SSRI that doesn't have any dangers with pregnancy. Tapering from one SSRI to another tends to keep withdrawl symptoms away.

And congrats on the happy turn around in life. You don't need anyone that will run at first sight of health issues.

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