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I suffer with PTSD and bipolar disorder and somehow I fell into this deep dark depression after my boyfriend has disappeared on me. He won't talk to me and I stopped reaching out to him. So I thought it would be better if I let him go. I didn't rely on him, I truly did love him and we understood each other on so many levels. Now I'm falling into this deep dark depression again and I have nobody to talk to. I live in a new area and I hardly know anyone. Apart of me wants to reach out but I hate putting my depression on others around me. So I'm trying to get out of this deep dark depression. My PTSD symptoms are coming back as well and I'm not sure why. I'd go more into that but I rather post that in a different section of the forum. I just feel so utterly alone right now and I cried pretty badly last night. My head is spinning with different thoughts and I ended up going to bed at 5:30 am. My parents are beginning to notice my sleeping patterns are changing and I can tell their beginning to worry about me. Truly do hate this depression part and what it does to me. Just wish I had somebody to talk with who understood how I felt. Anytime I reach out... many people judge me or say something mean towards me which causes my depression to get worse. Once somebody told me that nobody would friend me because I have bipolar disorder and that I'd be better off alone. Since I suffer from PTSD, that truly did upset me because my abuser used to say such horrible things to me. 

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Sending you a virtual hug, can you talk to your parents? If you can see a dr I think that would be a great start.  Stay strong you can get through this. 

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