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My girlfriend has been sexually assaulted four times in a year

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To start off this is a lesbian relationship. My girlfriend was assaulted twice while she was in the military, she is now separated from the military. When she was let out of the military, she was assaulted twice more, and cheated. Her friends are horrible influences, they are all using drugs or not moving forward with their lives. She cheated on me in January with a guy she was in the mental hospital with, she was suicidal the entire week leading up to it, she was drinking and not drunk. She cried for weeks after because she hated it and hated what she'd done. She was abusing alcohol for over six months to cope with the trauma in the military. In addition, there was an occasion she was blacked out drunk at a party over the summer and another instance her best friend let a bunch of horrible guys in her apartment and she was assaulted again. I can't seem to understand why all this has happened, she swears up and down she's fully gay and the choices she made is because of what happened in the military and childhood.

She has been clean from alcohol for six months, she's now enrolled in college, she receives military compensation because she's disabled physically and has PTSD, she's involved in the school choir, dance team and goes on wounded warrior trips to help her. So far, she has made a three sixty in her recovery, she still apologizes every single day and I feel like a majority of her depressed days are because of the guilt she feels. Now she has a therapy animal and takes her pet everywhere and literally will not be alone with a guy ever, she is very cautious now, and even has GPS on when she's going places so I can see her or have me on the phone. She seems very paranoid at times. In addition, she has cut ties with all her old friends. It feels like shes talking to be sober like she's looking back on everything.

I feel like sometimes I have flash backs of the stories she's told me of how things could've happened. And it just messes me with mentally and brings me down. I feel bad like I should be strong for her but I always put it behind her and try not to let her know. I feel low sometimes thinking about how she was assaulted and how its went down hill since then, sometimes. Honestly sometimes seeing members in uniform cause me to feel extreme emotions..I know all men in the military are not bad, but when I see someone in uniform the thoughts just begin to race. 

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