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I feel stuck in life

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In back again. Even though I have 2 jobs..I get paid peanuts... I can't put insurance on my car...I gave my mom my prior 2 checks (310 combined) and were still going to be evicted... 


I just feel sad because I literally feel like a cog in a wheel, ghost in the machine.. I work hard but I feel I can never work enough bc i never have enough... The work I do is hard at one job...and I feel like a failure at the other. 


Meanwhile, my friend makes 1k a week at his job, I have 2 friends that are graduates, and my bf is taking up coding and has a knack for it and will make good money...


I just don't know what my age in the hole is to escape this endless financial struggle... I don't know what to do...

Its depressing thinking about it. 


I feel it'll never get better...nothing will change.

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Do you live wit your bf or with your mum? You said that your bf will work with coding and website design, that will surely help financially when it rolls around? 

If you take the time and effort (when you have the time to) to look into passive income online. 

[YouTube: 10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online That You Can Start Today!]

[YouTube: 10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online]

You can literally make money online quite easily if you look around, it may not help right away, but after a while it can. 

Aside from this, I know that not having enough money can really coat your entire life with a dark brush, and it affects you daily. But try and find some inner peace each day, even if it is for 20-30 minutes, do an activity that you enjoy, something you relish in. It could be anything, but make sure you spend each day doing it for a little bit, no matter how many jobs or obligations you have. 

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Hey there.

First and foremost, you have all my sympathies because I understand how hard it must be for you to through such a financial crisis. Seeing the people close to you do well in life only adds salt to the wound. It certainly is depressing.

Secondly, I suggest you can look for other job, maybe in a well established organization or company that will pay you a decent amount. You can try to get jobs in better places than where you work now and concentrate on one full time job instead of two that drains you both emotionally and physically. It might not be easy but it doesn't hurt to try.

Don't lose hope. No matter how dire the situation might seem right now, you should always hope for a better future. Your boyfriend and other people around you might earn a lot but there's absolutely no need to compare yourself to them right now. We all move at our own pace and we all take the time we need to get somewhere. Just because the road seems a little bumpy now, doesn't mean you're never going to ride smooth. Have faith in yourself and your capability to change your situation. 

I wish you all the best!

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On 10/28/2017 at 11:42 AM, Misanthrop said:

Question: what job/industry is your friend in that pays 1k a week? An analyst with a bachelors degree has to volunteer for overtime to even be paid close to that!

He works as an accountant making 13 an hour....

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Now...I won't be able to go to work Monday; Tuesday bc my s***ty dad who quit his first job now has orientation..... Why should what I do have to be stopped for him?  He goes on saying how he'll make more money than me and can help more than me...and I'm just like wow....maybe he should have thought about that before quitting his first job for no good reason! I had to give up both checks to help with rent and we still might be moving....my lazy dead beat dad just sat on his ass for 6 months and now decided to get a job so....while he was relaxing I had to help my mom...now I'm afraid I may lose these 2 jobs because of my s***ty dad....I kept my 2 jobs...why should i be put on the back burner for him ? 

I'm so ****ing mad...and my mom still has the nerve to ask me for more money and when I turn her down...she gets an attitude ! When I gave up both my checks from both jobs to help her out.... is ridiculous...


Then my hair is still falling out , so haven't saved for tuition... I have no savings and I been on one job for 7 months !!!!  I swear I hate my family they're just leeches sometimes...


I'm very close to using Amazon's new feature that allows someone to **** you when u sign up for it. 


Geez, life shouldn't be this ****ing hard.


And my friends are all doing much better than me its insane...it makes me so sad...


I have no friends to room eith, I can't move out bc I get paid peanuts... I'm stuck...in ****ing stuck. 


Death is the only alternative.

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