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Abilify caused hypomania


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I’ve been dealing with depression for many years, trying all different types of ADs. A few months ago, I was prescribed  Abilify as an adjunct to my Effexor 150 mg (that was doing nothing for me). I have since stopped the Abilify, but here’s the thing:  when I started taking it I quickly saw improvement in my energy and mood, but then it sort of escalated to being in an amazing mood ALL the time, talking way more (and faster) than usual, constantly needing to do something, getting less and less sleep. People noticed the obvious change and I could tell that it didn’t feel quite like me. After a few weeks, it was like flipping a light switch- my mood dropped and my motivation decreased dramatically. 

I told my therapist I suspected it to be hypomania, and she agreed. She also mentioned that sometimes, medications can enhance what is already there, and wondered if I was somewhere on the bipolar spectrum. 

Has anyone had this response to Abilify?

Is it possible that I’m Bipolar to some extent and never realized it?

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Hello there,

I was taking Effexor XR 150.mg and I was feeling hyper during the day (and I don't drink coffee), now I'm down to Effexor XR 112.50 morning and Remeron 45 night.

It's amazing how these "medicines" change us and we get labeled so easily. :help:

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Low doses of Abilify can be activating while higher doses tend to be calming. Chances are you were on a low dose and it activated you into a hypomanic state. If you had stuck with it and increased your dose, you would have evened out.

Maybe you might try something like Lamictal as an add-on? It's an anticonvulsant but it acts as an antidepressant mood stabilizer.

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