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Hi Everyone.  I just found these forums over the weekend, and it looks like a nice community.  As for an introduction, I'm a 34 year old guy who has been fighting depression since I was a junior in high school ( so I guess about 18 years or so).  It hits me really hard on and off, and I just recently climbed out of a 8-9 month major depressive episode, probably the worst that I've ever had.  Frankly it's been a terrible year filled with health issues, career problems, relationship issues, a ton of rejections from job searching, and a growing isolation and loneliness.

I've been dealing with so much, and it seems like there's no end in sight, and that I've got no hope of ever being happy.  

I guess I'm not sure what else to add.  I guess just let me know if there's any questions......

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Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    I am so sorry that you have been fighting depression since being a junior in high school.  That is a very long time to be battling depression.  And depression is such a brutal illness.  It is heartbreaking that in addition to your 8-9 month bout with severe depression that you are struggling with health, relationship, employment and isolation issues.  What a lot to deal with. I'm not sure I could bear up to these things as well as you have if I was in your shoes.   Any of those issues you mention would be stressful in the extreme, but all of them together must be stressful beyond words!!

     Hopefully this site will prove as helpful to you as it has been to me.  Although none of us or doctors or medical professionals, we are fellow sufferers and sometimes there seems to be no substitute for being able to communicate with others going through the same or similar things.  I wish I knew what to say that would help.  Hopefully others here will make up for my lack of wisdom.  Once again I just want to tell you how very, very sorry I am that you are suffering!!!  


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Hi there, 

Welcome aboard.  I believe that happiness is something everyone can achieve--I don't mean bliss or some perfect version of pure happiness (like a 2 year old getting giddy over a balloon).   Adults are complex creatures and no one has that kind of happiness when they have real life issues, pressures and stress to deal with.  Nevertheless, you can find a sense of peace and general well being that makes you more resilient to the normal pressures and stress of life.   Depression makes it that much hard to find this zone of well being, but it is absolutely achievable.   It's just like bad vision.   Some of us see blurry, but with the right pair of glasses the world is clear again.   For those suffering from depression, therapy and pharmacological aids are the glasses for your brain and emotional well being.   It can just take a while to find the right pair--which can be frustrating as sh!t. 

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