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Staying sane while unemployed and depressed -- any tips?


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A few weeks ago, I got a new job. I put in my two week's notice at my previous employer, left, and started training. Then I found out that my new employer mismanaged their employees, worked us six days a week, and was intensely racist, and quit. My health and sanity was more important. I have a little money saved, am working part-time, and can always turn to family in an emergency.

Problem is, now I spend a lot of time at home either applying to jobs or just trying to stay busy, and I feel so useless. Staving off depression is getting hard again. I don't know what I can do to feel productive other than take breaks to read books, exercise, go outside, etc. I volunteer at a nearby park. I was doing so well and feeling optimistic, and now I feel like life is "on hold" in a way, because none of the things I value (family, friendship, art) are really moving forward. I have trouble finding something to look forward to and motivate me to get out of bed at a normal time.

All of those things I care about require disposable income or are much easier with disposable income, which I have little to none of right now. I can't purchase a guitar (or any instrument) without  money, nor can I drive much, go out to eat or to events that cost money, or even buy knitting supplies without cutting corners or wincing at the cost, if I can afford to do so at all. A pet costs money. New strings for my ukulele cost money. Even many Meet Ups are held in restaurants where it's impolite to not order anything, or take place at movies, museums, etc, that cost money.

Christmas is coming up and I doubt I'm going to be able to give much for gifts and yes, even homemade cookies or knitted scarves cost money in supplies. Does anyone have any advice?


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Sorry to hear of your situation! Have u thought about checking out some self help books at the library ? I find these really helpful. If u don’t have a library membership u could just lounge in the library for a bit.  

-listen to positive or uplifting energetic music

-positive podcasts radio shows etc

-watch comedy movies and stand up on Netflix etc 

-If u can get in the habit of an daily walk. 

-drink hot tea all the time 

-search for jobs for one hour per day make a list of jobs u want to apply for and when the application deadline is and then apply for at least one job per day

-don’t worry about Xmas quite yet ! It’s still a while away and your whole situation could change!  If it comes to Xmas and you can’t afford gifts think about the people u want to gift and think of one favour u could help them with and make a little coupon or card and say- “I will help you declutter your garage” or mow your lawn or something . Also could look on Pinterest for extremely low cost gift ideas.  

-find free activities.  Programs at the library? Check with your town or city. Speeches or events at local universities or colleges?   Maybe volunteer ? 

-try to reframe the situation as a temporary period in your life where you may not have money but u have the gift of time. Use it to take good care of yourself and try new hings you always wanted but didtny have time for 

-if you’re looking for a free or borrowed instrument put an ad on your community fb page or kijiji- there’s some good ppl out there could maybe help!  Or maybe there’s something you could swap trade or barter services in exchange for an instrument 

hang in there things can improve :) 

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