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May you help me with my self-love/self-care journey, please?

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Hello, I'm Ash (my favorite word is Eunoia :loveya:

I was wondering if anyone would take time to help me come up with ideas for my self-love/self-care journey? I would appreciate it it more than words can express, I swear. I've just spent my (literally) whole life hating myself, harming myself and just not taking care or showing any love for myself because of major clinical depression, chronic generalized anxiety, severe body dysmorphia, etc. I want to take the first step by showing myself unconditional self-love and taking care of my appearance, my body and my (physical, mental, emotional) health, but frankly...


...I don't know where to start because I've just shown myself so much constant disrespect my whole life... :cry:


Please help me? Any help is infinitely appreciated!!! :hearts:

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Hi Eunoia -- Welcome to Df. :)

I would say that self-care would be a more practical thing, so getting into a routine of showering and eating etc and taking care physically of yourself even if you don't want to.

Self-love, I would say to be in the moment, if your present in the moment and take the armour off, you will know what you want to do to fully love yourself.


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