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Lonely & Forgotten


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Just a quick vent as I feel I have no one else to turn to.

Im just feeling really alone as of late, my friends always seem to do things and never invite me (or forget to) and when they do I just feel like Im always the last one. At weekend it was a friends stag do (bachelors party) and he did mention it a few months back and asked me if I wanted to come and I told him to remind me nearer the time, he didnt. My other friends, close friends I thought, were invited and they went but not one of them asked me if I was going. This really hurt, and Im still very upset about it. 

No one ever calls me or texts me, not a Facebook message or an email nothing. Its like no one is bothered about my existence. 

I thought life was getting better, I somehow found a full time job and ive been enjoying that and its good to have money but I have nobody to do anything with. Everyone is too busy or just isnt bothered about me.

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Same here. I have found that now that I've gotten older about half the people I knew ditched me because they didn't know how to handle my negativity and the other half ditched me because I no longer have anything in common with them since they moved on and started getting married and having kids. 

Sometimes it feels like I could disappear from the face of the earth and it would take weeks for anyone to even notice. First ones would probably be my landlord or creditors when bills don't get paid, lol. 

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