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I know what a nightmare it is to have a BPD. .


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Our life for 9 years was a nightmare.My home was a complete mess. My sister is suffering from schizoaffective disorder { schizphrenia and bipolar disorder },OCD,social anxiety.Yes ,its true, almost everything. 
She tried risperidone,abilify,zyprexa,serequel,haldol in antipsychotics and luvox,prozac,sertraline,effexor. Now she is stable on amisulpride,clozapine and lexapro. She suffered from anhedonia{ loss of emotions} for more than 6 years and amisulpride pressed the right buttons for her.
Beleive me, AMISULPRIDE  is the best drug for Anhedonia & negative symptoms even in little doses. Unfortunately, its not available is USA. And again beleive me, CLOZAPINE is THE best drug for schizophrenia.It is almost a cure. But doctors have a tendency to avoid it due to a little extra task of blood test every month or so.

Now I am volunteering in India,Nepal.Phillippines ,Vietnam,Thailand and Malaysia. I am mostly in India due to its large treatment deprived population.
For finding the right answers to my sister's illness,I have been reading articles and online forums for the past 10 years.
Now I have read (almost) every single thread and post on every major online forum about mental illness and I am confident to say that I know much more than doctors do about illnesses , evry drug's benifits and side effects, withdrawal. I atend r egular meetings and conferences with doctors and drug companies. 
And I would be happy to lend help of any kind in my ncapacity to anyone.

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