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I feel so f***ing sad.

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Hi bluextreme999129,

You sound like you're really hurting - I'm so sorry. You also sound like you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself to achieve lots of societal norms all at once - that's enough to make anyone feel bad. The wonderful news is that you don't have to have sex, finish university right now (or even at all - I dropped out in my final year due to mental illness and honestly it's never affected my career or happiness), or even have a close relationship with your family to know that YOU are good and valid and capable of living a truly wonderful life. Just keep going, make small steps and achieve something (no matter how small) every day, and the path through life that's right for you will become clear eventually. 

I hope this helped - I've never posted on someone's topic before so I'm honestly terrified about saying the wrong thing! Just know I'm here to listen and talk, and that I care :)


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