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Brain Fog, Anxiety, ADHD I don't know honestly

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Hello! I would like to tell you about my problem. I am 18 years old and since 2 years ago my brain started to be a little bit foggy but not everytime, I would like to say that I smoke garden shrub too. The thing is the following one: Sometimes when I quit garden shrub I still have the brain foggy but sometimes happens that my brain fog is completely removed from my brain when I wake up, sadly, when I felt that good and saw that the Brain Fog is not there anymore I said "now I would really enjoy to smoke a little bit" but the brain fog started coming back and now if I quit smoking garden shrub I'm even more foggy than I am when I smoke it and I don't freaking know how did I manage to remove the brain fog that day and now I'm again trapped in the fog.
I'd like to mention that my symptoms are:
- I am not connected anymore to the people around me (I can't feel them and when I didn't have this brain fog I was able to even predict their movements and what they are going to do)
- When I'm talking to someone after some seconds my brain seems to get the "blue screen" and can't process anymore the conversation.
- I don't feel anything, my brain just remembers me how it used to be. For example, if something happens that would have made me happy back in time when I was not foggy I just remember how the feeling used to be but my body is not feeling it, just remembering it... (It's hard to explain)
- I have a very hard time focusing on something if I try to focus on something my brain seems like "restarting"
- I do not feel like I'm going to die but while I have this brain fog I can't be even at 90% of my potential and that makes me sad because I remember how I used to be..
The sadest fact is that I remember that it passed randomly (after waking up I was totally recovered) after not smoking like 1 week or something like that, but, now I can stop for months and the brain fog won't stop.
If there are people who can help me out I'd really appreciate and if there are people who suffered from this and now have recovered, I'd like to see how did they overpass the brain fog.
God Bless You and I am really sorry for my very bad English.

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