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Job Coach for the depressed

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They do have this in Europe: there are companies that will hire people with disabilities and they get financial incentives from the government for doing so. The government views it as a rehabilitation measure and social services will encourage this with the person's case worker acting as the go-between. Given that these jobs are usually low-skill low-stress, compensation tends to be commensurate so you can't really expect to get more than minimum wage which obviously doesn't provide a huge incentive for people to pursue that route. Welfare and disability is extremely generous in most Western European countries making minimum wage jobs economically unattractive. It is however a great measure to re-integrate those who want to work into the labor market. 

In the US companies can apply for tax credits when hiring disabled applicants but I'm not aware of it being as coordinated and it seems to be more geared toward physical disabilities than mental ones. 

While a go-between person would be great for "normal" jobs too I don't think that's feasible, no employer in his right mind will hire someone with depression as long as other applicants are available and having an in-between person would obviously give it away  that there is "something wrong" with the applicant. 

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