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Depression with psychotic features, any one else??

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When I get extremely depressed, I experience various perceptual disturbances that are very annoying. Technically, they can't be considered 'psychotic' because I'm well aware that they aren't real and I'm not detached from reality. For example, I'll see black shadows walk across the room, or hear banging noises in the other room when no one is home, or experience time in strange ways. This morning, the newspaper appeared to move across the floor. I know it's not real, and it only happens when I'm extremely depressed, like now. I'm not scared, just annoyed and irritated. Not much I can do but accept it. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this too?? Please comment. Most people just say I have a thought disorder like schizoaffective disorder. But I don't. I have Major Depression with Psychotic features, even though I'm not technically psychotic. Ahh! So irritating. 

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When I am doing really bad and haven't slept in awhile due to the insomnia from depression/anxiety, I can identify with the experiencing time in strange ways!

It is probably due mostly to the lack of sleep, but I'd contribute that to the depression as well to an extent. My mother also had the same exact problem, so you aren't alone and she is doing just fine now! She used to hear voices/sounds when she was very very down, and many providers tried to get her on harder medication than she felt she needed (i.e. anti-psychotics!) It makes me worry if maybe that will happen to me due to good 'ol genetics, but hearing other people only experiencing it when they are VERY down/depressed makes it a bit less worrisome.

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