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My Dad thinks he owns everything

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Today, my mother suggested that I get a job after the both of us were arguing about me working on the weekends. I told her that I am capable of working either or, since working a 7 days a week, to me, is slavery. I submitted an application to ACME with Saturday included, with me being available from midday to evening. However, the problem was that the both of us were arguing about me getting up because she doesn't want Dad to see me in bed. Given, I'm not always in bed and I did have some intentions of going out today (I even bought some stuff), but she treated this as if I never went outside for a year or an eternity. The problem I have with my Dad is that I never seem to understand him. He's a giant ****ing baby that throws temper tantrums when things don't go his way. When he sees anything as or with a mess, he throws a fit. He does not like being told no when some things can't be arranged for him and prefers to do things his own way regardless. He's extremely stubborn and doesn't seem to like spending time with us as a family (we literally went to a ****ing golf course last year after I planned out a dinner for him in the city for Father's day). The problem is, though, when I brought home some food, my Mom immediately told me to clean it up before Dad gets home and I told him that if he expects to stay here throwing temper tantrums then he can live somewhere else. Problem is, though, the apartment is under his name, as is everything he owns, which is why I get frustrated when he acts like he's entitled to it and thinks everything is his. Another problem, however, is that he doesn't completely own everything. The apartment isn't entirely his or my mother's because they own, as I would like to say, the license or lease to the apartment, not the apartment itself. Why can't they understand that they don't own everything? I just hope I can get out as soon as I can so I wouldn't be dragged into anything.

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