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Omega 3 - 1000-4000mg EPA


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I started taken high strength omega 3 fish oil a while back. I took 2 a day for about four mths, then dropped to one capsule per day. Epa 660mg/dha 440g is what l take. Cheaper versions caused chronic heart burn. I also keep them in the fridge.

I firmly believed these played a part in my improvement, but it took a combination of things.

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I was deficient in a few things so:

Magnesium with zinc

Vit d

Multi complex vit b

I also found 3 glasses of green tea, with slice of fresh ginger helpful. I found calming and helped nausea (anxiety and migraines)

I also stopped sugar, seemed to make me worse, and went down lower carb intake. So instead of something sweet, took a small teaspoon of cocnut oil. Sure some may frown, but gave me energy to do what had to do. It really helped my stomach as well.

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I take 1000mg fish oil/day - xymogen brand.

10,000 iu vitamin D with K2/ day - xymogen brand.

400mg Magnesium/day - NOW brand.

Getting my vitamin D levels up had a big impact on me.  Made me less lethargic.  All doctors should have people tested for D levels.  Unless you get regular exposure to sunlight most of us have low levels.  Even at 10,000 iu's a day it still took about 6 months to get mine in the normal range.  I'm a night shift worker so don't see much sun.

I hear others say that Magnesium has a calming effect.  I can't really tell if it does or not.

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