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My one month review of sertraline

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I'm female, 23 years old and have been struggling with moderate anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. 

My anxiety/depression  effects every aspect of my life, I feel inadequate at work, I feel uninteresting and therefore unable to make friends, I've been prescribed sertraline for a while but I was too afraid to give it a proper try due to a lot of negative reviews of it. 

I started taking sertraline every day from 24/04/2017 

The first week:

I felt like death. My pupils were dilated, I couldn't function at work and my colleagues thought I was on drugs. I went home and I cried after a 12 shift because I felt like I'd embarrassed myself in front of people I'd have really liked to have been friends with. 

Second week - present: 

I have had several positive experiences that I do not believe I would have had if I had not been on sertraline. Firstly, several people at work told me how bubbly I seemed. This made my day and really began to boost my confidence with my colleagues. I started working with a new girl, she seemed interested in being friends and I got really excited by the thought of it. Long story short she's pretty much rejected my attempts to hang out, and before the sertraline I'm pretty sure it would have put me in a downward spiral, but I just brushed it off. I now have another potential friend, who actually seems to want to hang out. 

I feel like sertraline has numbed my emotions. I'm thankful for the numbing of my self consciousness, but I'm finding myself bored more often. The other day I just felt nothing, so I started walking and didn't stop until there wasn't any more pavement in front of me. I had blisters on my feet and sunburn all over but I just kept walking, because I didn't want to be bored. 

Yesterday my family came over, and I was just bored with them there. I normally can't wait for them to come over and then I don't want them to leave, but I just kept looking at the time thinking "I'd rather be sleeping right now". 

If anyone has any questions, or has any advice on anything feel free to comment or message me, I'm always happy to talk to people. 



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i started on 50mg sertraline 3.5 weeks ago. I am still having headaches, dodgy stomach and no appetite. Like you, I feel bored with most things. I'm still having my obsessive thoughts of regret which I'm sure is at the root of my depression. 

I feel I should give them a few more weeks?! Or do I stop them now as I'm not sure if I feel better or worse!! 

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