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This is probably something i can think of myself but need to hear it from others. I dont know. Might be strange for me to ask but i need new ideas.

I have no social life really. A neighbour much older than me invited me over for a get together. Turns out that people who are 20 years older than me like me enough to do stuff like hiking and golfing haha i dont golf but will try it.

I also joined a hiking group but they are also 20 years younger than me and more fit so hikes with them are fast and difficult.

So...im attempting to get the older peoples' contact info but want more feasible possibilities to socialize and hopefully with my age group. 

I have included socializing on my mental health version of the bullet journal. It has never been checked off until that day.

The only friends i have are back home and ive lost touch. Then there is online but i need the in person deal. Im nervous but its not social anxiety. I worry about certain things but can push tbrough it. Usually i am relieved when i get home but i want to have friends.

Any suggestions that dont cost anything or very little?

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Well I'm free I'll be your friend for life if you will have me.  I feel the same way as you do.  I never fit in with people from my age group.  I'm lost in my teenage years.  I am 38 but I would be most comfortable with teenagers to be honest.  I never grow up.  We have to understand that age doesn't matter.  We wake up and say what will make us happy today and we just do it.

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I know meetups have been suggested ad nauseam but it really is a good way to meet ppl (meet up dot com). There's also a site called Next Door that connects you to your neighbors. I've attended some community gatherings posted on that site, and met some of the locals that way. Also taking a class, like a women's kick boxing class, or knitting, or whatever your interests are, is a good way.

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