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Threats/Physical, mental, emotional abuse

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I am a 23 year old with a disability...A cyst in my brain that causes chronic migraines and also blackouts and chronic pain. I live with both of my parents. My Dad has chronic pancreatitis and we just recently learned that he may also have throat cancer. He is pretty weak and needs someone at home who can help him do things around the house and also to take him to hospitals/doctors when he needs to go. My mom is a drug addict and has been for years now. She has always hated me since I was born, she tells me that i ruined her life being born and that she never wanted me and that I don't take care of my Dad and that I am a fat ass and lazy and shouldn't be living with them anyway because I am an adult...That is just Some of the things she says to me on a daily basis. I have endured the emotional/metal abuse for years because my Dad needs me when my mom is too drugged up to help him. There has been one time, before today...that mom has been physical and she left bruises on me. Today she slammed the couch arm rest on my Dads arm and he grabbed her bu the neck and i got him off her. She told him that she is gonna kick me in the throat, etc...and that she will fight him also if she has to, to get to me. So today has been especially bad. I have tried calling police multiple times and they put her in a mental hospital a couple of times but somehow, after just a few days she has been released because she knows how to talk to people like nothing is wrong with her. It is very hard on me to take all of this abuse and she says what she does to me is not abuse and laughs at me when i try to bring it up and say it's abuse and that it is wrong. My Dad loves her too much to kick her out and so i have been stuck in this position because i want to take care of him because i love him and he is not only my father but my best friend, also. I just needed some support and some people to talk to about this because it really does and has worn on me after all these years and the things she says make me feel like it is true and that i am a bad daughter and a bad person, etc. It is horrible and I hate my life so much. 

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20 hours ago, Teddy545 said:

The mental hospital can only hold someone for 2 days legally.  I don't think you deserve to have a mom that treats you like that, no one does.  Your mom is the one that's a bad mom and a bad person.  

Oh ok, that makes sense as to why she never stays. Thank you for the response <3

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