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A little surprised that there has been no mention of the MTHFR genetic mutation so far in the ADD / ADHD forum.  

When I was 14, I was diagnosed with ADD (non-hyperactive type) and major depression. Took medication for both (stimulants + antidepressants) until I was 21.  Got off both with the assistance of my psychiatrist.  Since then, I haven't had problems with mood at all.  However, over the course of 6 months after getting off all the medication, my energy level became more and more difficult to maintain. It was a physical, mental struggle just to make it through the day and do the bare minimum.  After 6 months, the problems with hyper-focus and difficulty with attention started to occur.  I made the decision to get back on stimulants.  I have been on Vyvanse now for about 6 years.  I love the Vyvanse - it makes me feel like a "normal" person, with the energy level and focus that I should have.  It allows me to be who I want to be.  But, I never gave up trying to find the "root" of this - have gotten tested multiple times for thyroid problems, metabolism issues, adrenaline things, sugar level problems.  Everything always came back normal.  Then my father, a psychiatrist, told me about Deplin, and that many of his treatment-resistant patients had seen amazing improvements on it.  I started looking into Deplin, and found that it specifically helps those who have an MTHFR genetic mutation.  I went to my psychiatrist and told him to order a test for me to get that specific gene tested.  He didn't know anything about Deplin or that mutation but he ordered it.  I came back homozygous in C677T mutation - which means I only process about 20% of certain vitamins (like folic acid and B12).  I tried Deplin, but it made me feel a lot worse.  

I'm wondering if anyone else has had problems with fatigue, hypo-active ADD, and have the MTHFR mutation, and what has worked for you.  This can also just be a thread to discuss anything about the MTHFR mutation and ADD / ADHD.

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Hi there! 

This is my first time to encounter such a condition. Can i ask, if you wont mind - how is your energy level going? Is it different with ADHD? I am looking for real life experiences and how did they manage ADHD - since my son is having some symptoms of it. 

Your answers are much appreciated. And i am sorry i can't offer any comment/s regarding your situation. 


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