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Accidentally hurting myself?

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Hi all....i posted this in the self injury forum, but I'm not exactly sure where to post it, because it doesn't exactly fit in that category either. I've spoken to my therapist about this, but was hoping someone could relate. Often times when I am anxious (and even when I'm not), I unconsciously squeeze my fists or arms, or pinch at my skin pretty hard, enough to cause bruising. As soon as I feel the pain, I realize what I am doing and stop. I have bruises on my wrists and arms from squeezing so tight. I'm totally unaware that I'm doing it, and when I become aware, I stop. 

But I am at the point where I'm starting not to mind the pain, which is not good. My old psychiatrist told me that this may be a side effect of taking medications for so many years (I don't take them anymore except for a benzo)....I even have some tendinitis in my elbow from the muscle tension and squeezing. 

I don't know how to control this. Can anyone relate? Thanks for listening.

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