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Good Morning- I am writing this to tell you what has helped me start a New Life free of depression & severe anxiety-

A few years back I was at an all time low- In & out of the hospital & barely surviving- Spending my days doing nothing 

productive just existing- It all was very overwhelming- recovery seemed like to much work- Slowing I began to realize

that the key was to somehow take captive my thoughts & begin to change the way I think- The Goal was to replace my negative

thinking with Positive thinking- I started my new journey by seeking out what was good & how positive people were living-

The solution seemed simple- Start to think Positive- Easier said than done- I started iliminating all the negative things in my life

I started by not watching Television- & not listening to negative Music- The key was to Guard my Mind- I started looking for the

anything positive- One of the most positive things I did was to open & read the Bible- Then I started listening to Christian Radio-

I must admit at first I felt a bit uncompfortable but the more I read & listened the more I felt Peace & that was exactly what I wanted-

So I began to look & seek out this Peace- Every Sunday I watched Pastor Joel Osteen & continued to study my Bible- Then I found

two Christian radio stations K-love & Moody radio- My life will never be the same- Now I'm starting to Live again- I no longer feel

depressed & i have virtually No anxiety- For me it was that simple- 


Be Blessed-   screenman-


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